Our Zome and Dome structure tents are easy assembling structures with canvas covers for various outdoor use (festivals, different outdoor events, promotional campaigns, temporary spaces for parties, advertising events, outdoor entertainment or shopping spaces or a relaxing space in your backyard). They can vary in size, shape, material and covering.

The shades are made to cover the the construction, there are two kinds of shade, the basic laminated fabric and nautical fabric. Laminated fabric is a two (or more) layer construction with a polymer film bonded to a fabric. Laminated fabrics are used in rainwear, automotive, and other applications. Nautical fabric has excellent qualities: durability, high UV resistance, air permeability, water tightness, resistance to mould, lightweight and easy maintenance.


Our basic Zome consists of struts and joints which gives
the Zome strength and stability. All the struts and joints
are water resistant. Zome is very easy to assembly,
all the elements are lightwight and minimum three
persons are necessary for assembly.