While the basis of the Zome 4 is very small, the shape offers a lot of possibility in the way it expands vertically. Originally imagined as a sauna, it can be used as a home office or a cabin.
It can be used as a living space extension near your house or as a completely independent building.
We have multiple possibilities for bungalow use. Depending on the use and location there are different material options, thermal insulation and heating systems. Sleeping in a zome is an unexpected experience.


length: 3.30 m; width: 3.30 m; height: 3.50 m floor area: 4.9 m²; volume: 16 m³;

The drawings represent the type of Zome cabin that can vary in size, number and type of glass openings, thickness of insulation etc. This is geometricaly the simplest Zome which can be used as a bungalow or an office. The cabin is placed on adjustable pillars (which are embedded into the ground) so it doesn’t touch the ground and can be easily leveled. There are diferent possibilities for creating an interior space, even if it is only under 5 square meters on the ground, the area expands with height. Assembly can be done in 3-4 days by 3 workers, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled.